Last Biz Standing - The Game

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Created in the traditional format of classic board games, Last Biz Standing is a bold mix of satire, sarcasm and parody reflecting the current political, social and economic state of America.

In Last Biz Standing you play the role of small business owner and experience how intellect, innovation and hard work are marginalized by Big Government's excessive taxation, over-regulation, obstructionism and forced redistribution of wealth. You'll face tough choices that affect your employees, your community, your family and you. And you'll witness firsthand the battle between a free enterprise system that built our nation and the 'free stuff' promised by career politicians bent on tearing it down.

The true paradox of Last Biz Standing is that you'll have fun and share laughs with your fellow small biz owners while losing your assets for what progressives consider 'the greater good'. Fear not though, its just a game. We promise it won't hurt nearly as much as it does in real life.

DISCLAIMER: This game is a work of fiction. Any graphic depiction that resembles real life people is purely coincidental. Any other content that resembles the real life struggles of small business owners and taxpayers in America is definitely intentional.