About Us

Last Biz Standing is a classic board game created by IP Ingenuity, LLC; a small business product and service incubator and business packager. The company’s president, Michael Hogan, is a serial entrepreneur and small business owner; an innovator/ inventor; an award-winning writer; and an accomplished career marketer. He’s the proud father of two boys and devotes much of his time helping his wife in her battle against multiple sclerosis.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Mike considers himself a regular guy. He believes in God, hard work, self-accountability and personal responsibility. He loves the United States of America, but believes the federal government has become infested with and controlled by corrupt politicians—of all parties—who put special interests and personal financial gain above the best interests of ‘we the people’. And Mike believes there are tens of millions of Americans who share his beliefs and who are equally frustrated and sickened as they watch our country get destroyed from within.

Not one for the spotlight or to rant from atop a soap box, Last Biz Standing is Mike’s answer to what one person with a little ingenuity can do to make a positive and measurable difference. He hopes the game can serve as a fun and humorous conduit to civilized discourse about the serious issues facing small business and America.

Mike believes a dream scenario is to have four of the front running 2016 presidential candidates square off in a room playing the game to see who, in the end, will defeat excessive taxation, overregulation, obstructionism, forced redistribution of wealth and expansion of the progressive entitlement ideology in order to own the Last Biz Standing.

To be clear, though, the issues raised by playing the game are as timeless as the guiding principles of the Constitution; and how they are dealt with by all of us and our government in the immediate years ahead will determine our fate and that of our country.

Be part of history. Play Last Biz Standing.